Monday, May 19, 2008

Brother of Flight 11 Pilot (a Republican) is Running against John Kerry - and a CIA Counter-Intelligence Officer - for the Senate

" ... Harwich Republican Jeff Beatty, a former Army Delta Force officer and counter-intelligence official in the CIA, is also running for the GOP nomination against Ogonowski. ... "

Ogonowski TV Ad Hits Kerry's Record
08th May 2008

By Matt Murphy
Lowell Sun

BOSTON -- Republican Senate candidate Jim Ogonowski took his attacks against Sen. John Kerry's record to a new level yesterday -- television.

Ogonowski, one of two Republicans vying to oust Kerry this fall, launched the first TV ad of the campaign season.

The one-minute ad will air on cable stations throughout the state for the next three weeks, his campaign said.

"People are absolutely fed up with the fact that he has been there so long and passed only eight pieces of legislation (since 1999)," Ogonowski said. "There's some real excitement in this state if you get to talk to people about this race and what Sen. Kerry has said he's going to do and failed to do."

The ad features footage from Ogonowski's recent "People Before Politics" tour of more than 50 coffee shops across the state, including scenes from Paul's Diner in Westford and the Owl Diner in Lowell.

His campaign said the shots were unscripted reactions from employees and diner patrons as Ogonowski talked to them about there concerns over the war in Iraq and the economy and their thoughts on Kerry's job performance as their senator.

"He has forgotten why he was sent to Washington," said one woman.

Ogonowski also makes a point of asking many patrons whether they ever see Kerry in Massachusetts. The overwhelming response was, "No," with one man even breaking into laughter.

"They don't see John Kerry in Massachusetts, clearly not in any of the places we've been going," said Ogonowski, a Dracut hay farmer and retired Air National Guard lieutenant colonel. "How can you know what's on people's minds in this state if you're never here to talk to them?"

Since Ogonowski began campaigning, he has been focused on criticizing Kerry's record and driving home the perception that Kerry, the 2004 Democratic nominee for president, is out of touch with the people of Massachusetts.

Kerry's campaign, in response, outlined 52 public appearances the senator has made in Massachusetts since January.

"Fiction like this belongs on HBO, not cable television in Massachusetts," Kerry spokesman David Wade said. "John Kerry was ranked the 12th most powerful senator because he has stood up to George Bush to end the war in Iraq, invest in renewable energy and break our dependence on foreign oil."

Wade also cited legislation passed by Kerry that established eye-injury centers for Iraq and Afghanistan war veterans, denied pensions to corrupt members of Congress and secured $13 million in disaster assistance for Massachusetts fishermen.

The move to go on television, however, is a decisive step by the Ogonowski campaign to draw early attention to the race at a time in May when few voters are paying attention, or are focused on the presidential contest.

"I'm in this race to win it, and I want to get my message out there," Ogonowski said when asked about the strategy.

Between Jan. 1 and April 1, Ogonowski reported raising $307,000 with a little less than $187,000 in cash on hand to spend. Kerry, meanwhile, has done little thus far in the way of campaigning for a fifth term and holds about $9.1 million in his campaign war chest.

Ogonowski's campaign declined to specify how much the new television ad would cost.

Harwich Republican Jeff Beatty, a former Army Delta Force officer and counter-intelligence official in the CIA, is also running for the GOP nomination against Ogonowski.

Former firefighter and Gloucester resident Ed O'Reilly filed 11,000 signatures with the Secretary of State yesterday to have his name appear on the ballot as a Democrat.

Ogonowski is the brother of the American Airlines Flight 11 pilot John Ogonowski, who was killed in the Sept. 11 terrorist attacks.

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