Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Obama Appoints 9/11 Commissioner to Post of Envoy to India

"Liberal," future-focused Obama just can't live without appointments tied to (CIA Nazi recruiter) Kissinger, (Iran contra's) Scowcroft and (corporate sleaze broker) Albright. 9/11 Commissioner Tim Roemer hails from the Center for National Policy, an oily foreign policy "think-tank" that boasts Madeleine Albright, of course, who preceded him as CNP president. - AC

9/11 panel member is US India man
May 29, 2009

New Delhi: US President Barack Obama on Thursday nominated Timothy R Roemer, a veteran Democratic Congressman and a member of the 9/11 Commission, to be his envoy in India and help advance Washington’s ties “at this critical time for our nation and the world”.

“We must address the tension between Pakistan and India over Kashmir. For generations, this issue has fuelled extremism and served as a central source of friction between two nuclear states. Resolving this dispute would allow them to focus more on sustainable development and less on armed conflict.” This is what Roemer wrote in a US daily, The Philadelphia Inquirer, on October 23 last year in an article, Keys to securing Pakistan.

Roemer, 52, is currently president of the Center for National Policy (CNP), a Washington-based think tank.

He is a distinguished scholar at the Mercatus Centre at George Mason University. He was a partner at Johnston and Associates, a public and legislative affairs consultancy, before he became president of the CNP. Roemer is not just known for his interventions in national security issues ...


After the attacks of September 11th, Roemer used his position on the Permanent Select Committee on Intelligence to support the work of a Joint Congressional Inquiry into the nature of the attacks. Roemer also was the key sponsor of legislation to establish the National Commission on Terrorist Attacks Upon the United States, known as "The 9/11 Commission." Roemer now serves on the Commission on the Prevention of Weapons of Mass Destruction Proliferation and Terrorism, a bipartisan commission created by Congress in 2007 as an outgrowth of the reforms put forth by the 9/11 Commission to examine how the United States can best address this threat to our national security. In addition, he serves on the Washington Institute for Near East Policy's Presidential Task Force on Combating the Ideology of Radical Extremism, and the National Parks Second Century Commission.

Since leaving Congress in 2003, Roemer has continued to work on developing ways to strengthen national security as President of the Center for National Policy. e has promoted new ideas on national security issues on NBC Nightly News, CNN, FOX, NPR and in the pages of the New York Times, Wall Street Journal, Washington Post, USA Today, Time Magazine, U.S. News and World Report and others. As a Distinguished Scholar at the Mercatus Center at George Mason University, Roemer works with Members of Congress and staff to improve public policy outcomes by teaching on the legislative branch and policy analysis. ...

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